Happy Friday The 13th! There is a lot of interesting history behind the history of this unusual holiday and observance. It’s mostly a Western/USA tradition that emerged maybe more recently than you might expect!

Truthfully, we have a lot of 12’s in our world (especially the USA culture). 12 inches in a foot or 12 eggs in a dozen. Even 12 months in a year or the 12 astrological signs! Before the general patriarchal society we know, the number 13 was actually a number that celebrated women and goddesses (specifically Shiva)! But think about it, as we shift, when 12 seems to be the end or “whole” completion of something, wouldn’t 13 be the odd (wo)man out? The thirteenth wheel so to speak? It’s scary because it’s unknown! Couple that with Friday, a day we’ve been told is when bad shit goes down (see numbers 33-38 for more information on this), and it becomes a preconceived notion that it’s a scary, unlucky day perfect storm combo!

That said, I love Friday The 13th! A lot of people, Pagans specifically, have been taking Friday the 13th back and instead of viewing it as bad, looking at it as an opportunity for good luck, fortune, and prosperity!

Originally I was going to make a simple list of 13 ways to celebrate Friday The 13th, but one I started rolling, I realized there was a lot more I wanted to share, if only some interesting facts about the history, culture, and contrast with other cultures around this Uncustomary Day! So strap in and enjoy these 50 ways to celebrate Friday The 13th. This is something you can use every single time it comes around! Stick around for a free Friday The 13th Playlist below!

50 Ways To Celebrate Friday The 13th | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Celebrate Friday The 13th

1. Dance under a ladder
2. Adopt a black cat
3. Make a good luck charm
4. Whip out the Ouija Board
5. Find a building with a 13th floor
6. Find a building without a 13th floor
7. Find a neighborhood that skips the address 13
8. Get a $13 tattoo (many tattoo shops have deals!)
9. Visit where Friday The 13th was filmed
10. Make a baker’s dozen of cookies and gift them (or eat them)
11. Write 13 reasons you love yourself
12. Research the logistics of when Friday the 13th will happen with a calendar (the month needs to start with a Sunday!)
13. Research how the number 13 was dedicated to Shiva and was originally a goddess day pre-patriarchy
14. People who were born on Friday the 13 (like Alfred Hitchcock)
15. Look up other country’s/culture’s unlucky days (Italy views Friday the 17th as an unlucky week/number day combos)
16. Look up other country’s/culture’s unlucky days (Greece isn’t a fan of Tuesdays)
17. Look up how Finland observes National Accident Day on Friday the 13th
18. Look into the research of which has more accidents, crime, etc.: full moons of Friday the 13ths
19. Look for other significant things with 13 like the age Bat/Bar Mitzvahs happen
20. Learn the name of the phobia of Friday The 13th: Triskaidekaphobia
21. Work on your anxiety and listen to people who are afraid to leave the house due to their fear of this day
22. Buy a lottery ticket with your good luck
23. Bet $13 at a casino
24. Make a list of your own superstitions and how they came to be
25. Learn about superstitions and bad luck in different cultures

26. Have a “Friday The 13th” movie marathon
27. Notice how Crocs look a lot like Jason’s face
28. Order food under the name Jason Vorhees
29. Have a Friday The 13th party with only 13 people
30. Find a Friday the 13th Zombie Walk in your area
31. Watch the episode of “The Office” where Michael says, “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stituous”
32. Listen to songs like “Friday The 13th” by White Reaper, “Scarier Than Jason Vorhees” by New Found Glory, “So Much Love To Give” by The Glorious Sons, “No. 13 Baby” by The Pixies

Click Here For The Free Friday The 13th Playlist! 33. Look up when the first Friday The 13th was observed (hint, not till the early 1900’s) 34. Look up the numerology of the number 13 (and remember 13 is a prime number) 35. Look up why Friday got lumped in with being unlucky (old writings like Chaucer and Jesus being crucified on Black Friday) 36. Look up Venus, the planet Friday is named for 37. Look at the themes behind 12 in cycles that we’ve become comfortable with (12 months in a year, 12 in a dozen, 12 inches in a foot, 12 signs in the zodiac) 38. Look up which number of Jesus’ apostles betrayed him 39. Look up how many menstrual cycle the average womxn has 40. Read scary stories, like “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” 41. Spill the salt.. in a line of salt along the threshold of your entry way 42. Watch “13 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo” 43. Dance around your house with an umbrella you opened indoors 44. Design custom stickers of 13 to wish good luck 45. Visit a haunted or abandoned place 46. Stay at a spooky hotel 47. Listen to a spooky podcast, like “Lore” 48. Visit a cemetery and find someone who was born and/or died on Friday the 13th (look it up on your calendar!) 49. Cast a spell for good luck 50. Do something you normally wouldn’t do

Free Friday The 13th Playlist