st. patricks day

50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 1. Wear as much green as you possibly can 2. Make packets of rainbow seeds 3. Do a pub crawl 4. Bring green candy into work or to share with friends or roommates 5. Prepare shamrock popcorn 6. Watch TV shows about St. Patrick’s Day like S11E08 of […]

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10 Things Making Me Happy + A Giveaway

Hey beautiful! After spending the weekend in Connecticut with a bunch of fabulous women and taking eleven hours to drive home (while stopping in Bridgeport, Manhattan, Edison, Newark –both New Jersey and Delaware–, and Trenton), I’m pretty happy to be back in my bedroom with Bug and his fluffy belly. Today, in addition to happy photos […]

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10 Things Making Me Happy

Happy Wednesday, all! I hope you had a fun St. Paddy’s Day. Things are pretty busy over here, as I try to get everything taken care of and prepped before I head to Connecticut this weekend for the Monarch Workshop! I’m getting pretty excited about it. Okay, gotta back at it– enjoy some photos representing […]

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Rainbows Are Amazing, We Don’t Actually Need Gold At The End Of Them

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Do you have any plans today? I’m probably just going to get a drink this afternoon and hang out in my green clothes. There’s a lot of cute stuff traditions surrounding this holiday, like leprachauns and following a rainbow to the end to find a pot of gold. Once I learned […]

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