Happy Kick Butts Day! Today is a good day to go out there and not take no for an answer! Go after your dreams like a warrior princess! Kick butt, take names, and wear a tutu while you do it!

Anyway, I hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day! We only have a little over a week left in March, and I hope you feel great about your goals and accomplishments so far this year. If not, get it going! Today is the last day of winter in this part of the world, and tomorrow we will shed our tough, cold skin for some floral prints. If you’re in need of a daily boost while the weather catches up to our moods, consider signing up for 30 days of inspirational e-mails.

And yes, it’s Wednesday! That means that it’s time for the weekly photo contest. Today, I’m asking you to take a picture of something round. Sometime today, take a picture and upload it to social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram are all fine). Be sure to tag me in it, so I definitely see it, and #uncustomaryart. At the end of the day, I will pick my favorite, e-mail you for your snail mail address, and you’ll get a little envelope in the mail from me! It’s pretty simple. (And yes, it’s open to non-US people.) Last week’s winner was Jen!

+ celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
+ helping April with an elaborate balloon installation in Mount Vernon
+ seeing that cats can learn tricks
+ getting a case of the giggles at a restaurant in Hamilton
+ planning events

+ taking late night drives and visiting graveyards
+ delicious moonshine
+ making donut seed (Cheerios) angels on a kitchen floor
+ April and Ashley making a face in my pasta
+ dance walking

+ having an indoor picnic celebration with Ashley and Munchel
+ wearing a tutu and ordering Shirley Temples
+ singing Bonnie Tyler as a group while driving in circles
+ rubbing glittery fabric all over me
+ reaching 555 likes on Facebook — join the giveaway

+ unexpectedly wearing the same colors as Jason
+ being inspired by the Ignite talk
+ Bug running upstairs and laying on top of me so I didn’t get up after my alarm went off
+ having a grown-up business tax meeting
+ good first date

+ feeling clever with my Duck In A Box packaging to Cara
+ green tights and a gold sequined skirt
+ finally getting to dance to “Dirty Talk”
+ ordering a bento box
+ the scene where Winston sings “Groove Is In The Heart

+ learning how to make my own balloon animals
+ listening to “You Oughta Know” at the gay bar
+ watching as much New Girl as I can each day
+ my dad buying our new neighbors a pizza (vs. the other side of neighbors beginning to put up a fence)
+ overusing words like “official”

+ surprising Ashley with confetti and balloons (even though I knew she’d hate it)
+ listening to Tenacious D’s “Drive Thru” while I was in the drive-thru with Charlotte and Jason
+ looking up people we went to high school with
+ finding extra significance in things
+ this amazing video featuring all 53 classic Disney movies
What is on your happy list this week?

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