103 Random Act Of Kindness Ideas

Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK) are genuine moments where we are selflessly giving to another human being. This is a list of 103 ideas for you to be that restoration in someone’s faith in humanity.

103 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

  1. Genuinely compliment strangers
  2. Buy the person’s food behind you in the drive-thru
  3. Add googly eyes to a friend’s mailbox
  4. Volunteer
  5. Make art and abandon it for someone to find
  6. Print out happy photos and pin them on community bulletin boards
  7. Figure out how to reduce your carbon footprint
  8. Pay off someone’s layaway
  9. Remind an adult how to be a kid
  10. Send a letter or note in the mail
  11. Pass out flowers
  12. Donate to a charity
  13. Give a meal, money, or supplies to a homeless person
  14. Post funny videos on your friend’s Facebook
  15. Leave notes on windsheilds
  16. Put change in parking meters that are out of time
  17. Only say positive and constructive things online
  18. Bring your friend an energy drink at work
  19. Be careful not to splash pedestrians with puddles while driving on rainy days
  20. Let your loved ones know they are beautiful
  21. Teach someone something
  22. Pick up things you accidentally knock over in stores
  23. Recycle
  24. Gift a scratch off lottery ticket
  25. Leave quarters in toy vending machines
  26. Let someone in line in front of you
  27. Hold the door open for someone
  28. Come up with a list of TV shows, movies, books, bands, or comics that a friend might enjoy
  29. Pull of elaborate and nice pranks
  30. Write nice messages with sidewalk chalk
  31. Tape money to a soda machine for the next person to use
  32. Grant a wish within your power
  33. Help a neighbor with yardwork or cooking
  34. Leave papers with quotes or sayings in books at stores
  35. Go to events that are important to friends, even if they aren’t your cup of tea
  36. Help someone practice for an interview
  37. Watch someone’s house, kids, or pets for free
  38. Bring in some snacks for coworkers
  39. Be kind and make eye contact with cashiers, toll booth operators, etc.
  40. Leave notes on mirrors
  41. Pick up litter
  42. Write a note of recommendation
  43. Draw and write fun things on mirrors with dry erase markers
  44. Bring drinks and treats to your local post office or fire station
  45. Plant trees and flowers (especially in places that could use some life and color)
  46. Don’t judge or discriminate
  47. Help someone pick up things they’ve dropped
  48. ‘Adopt’ an animal
  49. Make mix CDs for friends or leave them for strangers
  50. Fill flashdrives with beautiful pictures and fun music and leave it somewhere
  51. Send flowers to someone at their job
  52. Donate clothes to a thrift store
  53. Buy someone a drink from across the bar
  54. Make a bird feeder for your yard
  55. Adopt your pet from a shelter
  56. Leave a nice note in the copier or fax machine at work
  57. Hold a fundraiser for someone else or a charity
  58. Pay attention to people in person instead of playing on your phone
  59. Always get a doggy bag at a restaurant for leftovers to give to a homeless person
  60. Wrap up books + write clues as to what the book is about before you leave them somewhere
  61. Leave excellent tips
  62. Give someone a second chance
  63. Call a family member who always wants to hear from you
  64. Set up single friends
  65. Put the cart back when you’re done shopping
  66. Write something sweet on your friend’s back windshield with a window marker
  67. Put out a bowl of candy on your desk for coworkers
  68. Offer to be the designated driver
  69. Bake a cake for no reason and write something silly in icing
  70. Do something really weird, to give a stranger a story to tell
  71. Offer to go get the car while your friends wait when it’s raining
  72. Promote your friends’ work
  73. Give thoughtful gifts for non birthday/Christmas reasons
  74. If you have extra time on your parking slip, pass it to the person pulling in after you
  75. Leave face-up pennies on the ground to grant others good luck
  76. Apologize in person
  77. Include friends you might not usually
  78. Decorate your house for others to enjoy
  79. Offer to take someone’s shift who needs the day off
  80. Do a guerrilla art installation for others to smile at or interact with
  81. Show someone around town who just moved there
  82. Return favors
  83. Write a long list of reasons you love your significant other or friend
  84. Keep supplies on you for others to use (pens, gum, tampons)
  85. Intervene if someone needs help
  86. Be positive, offer encouragement and support
  87. Take care of something for your friend who really didn’t want to do it themselves
  88. Give good hugs
  89. Donate blood
  90. Give helpful advice to someone new at work
  91. Leave little reminders around town
  92. Lend someone money
  93. Pack someone a lunch
  94. Offer a foot, hand, shoulder massage
  95. Instead of making a gift wish list, ask people to donate to a charity or do a RAOK + tell you about it
  96. Slip a dollar in the DVD case at the Redbox for the next person
  97. Every time you say something negative, put a dollar in a jar and use the money to buy someone else something nice
  98. Give helpful advice to someone new at work
  99. Hold up a sign saying ‘Have a great day!’ on the side of the road
  100. Pass out candy to people waiting at the DMV
  101. Buy your pet a special treat
  102. Make Easter baskets for kids in the hospital
  103. Mail a care package