On the first of every month, I share my top ten things about the previous month. I also ask my friends, coworkers, penpals, and followers to tell me what made them happy that month. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite things you’ve shared with me. See if you can spot something from your own list!
+ Got the new house and signed the lease! even though I’m not moving in yet, it was a very exciting day.
+ Bird foot prints in the snow
+ Awesomely brought in the New Year calm and collected with coconut shrimp and a fruity/chocolate dessert. Then slept for like 12 hours.
+ Bought new house plants
+ Playing the board game Quelf over and over and over.
+ Earning the highest score possible for my mid-year evaluation at work
+ Filling up my “good things jar”
+ Finding my bridesmaid dress super fast all while drinking champagne
+ Got enthusiastically complimented on the thickness of my hummus by a guy who i thought didn’t give a fuck about anything
+ Cheap fresh raspberries in a massive punnet
+ Visiting Alpacas
+ Decided to draw for the first time in my life, to create art from scratch for the first time in my life, even though I have no talent. And I shared it with other people.
+ Red sparkly shoes
+ Playing with a bunch of puppies
+ I got my first payment to make a shawl for someone else
+ My second anniversary in the States
+ Eating from my first ever food truck
+ Put my nose to the grindstone about really learning about music
+ I had a dream that you sent me Bug in a postal box, because I was going to DC and you didn’t want me to be alone.
+ Completing Lettermo without missing two days. I mean, I missed one, but that’s okay.
+ My cat, Echo, joining me in the bathroom while I shower just so she can yell at the mirrors
+ Ravens won the Superbowl
+ Starting a teeth collection
+ Eating sushi in bed


+ Sold my first sloth necklace on Etsy
+ Finding a squished penny on the rail road tracks …and a nickel (non-squished)
+ Getting into nursing school
+ Reunion with two of my friends I haven’t seen in years
+ Finding out (stay with me here) that I can put a Sim inside a room and then inventory/take away the door. He has to pee SO BAD.
+ I’ve been riding my bike and it’s just delicious
+ Telling off a customer at work
+ I saw my ex but kept smiling
+ Haircut accident that turned out well anyway
+ I’m learning how to both be  kind and stand up for myself at the same time
+ I went on a walk with Tom. We held hands. It was simple and sweet with good conversation about our pasts.
+ Sitting in my backyard on sunny days, reading or doing absolutely nothing
+ Old Town San Diego and crossing over to TJ to by my asthma medicine in a Chinese food pharmacy place.
+ Hitting triple-digit weights for squatting and dead-lifting for the first time
+ Eating a load of free cake
+ Temporary pleasures. Cool things that happened but that weren’t really all that interesting anymore after like 25 minutes. A lot of that happened in May.
+ Thrifting and market finds that make you want to high five yourself
+ The guy working at the store’s huge blonde afro
+ I’m alive
+ Pug conversations
+ I have this sense of serenity that I swear I’ve never experienced to this extent before that just feels like everything really is beautiful and we are all capable of love and forgiveness and kindness and transcendence.
+ Picking my wedding colors
+ I learned how to fish tail braid my hair
+ The sun is out
+ Wearing crazy dresses
+ England
+ My first ropes course and zipline
+ Cheering up my friend by taking her to try on silly hats
+ Harvesting my first pea pod from my pea pod vine
+ Our 44th anniversary
+ I saw Camera Obscura and Bjork
+ Seeing They Might Be Giants
+ Mini road trip to Philly
+ I just passed a woman standing on the side of the road blankly staring forward holding a measuring tape out about 2 feet
+ Eating trunk drunk chicken
+  I am very excited to take aerial acrobatics lessons on a rope at a nearby studio and will soon have the money to do so
+ I started meditating regularly and joined a meditation group that I’m really enjoying
+ Vacation to Las Vegas

What’s your favorite thing from all these lists?