In the past few years, I have:

💜 Moved into a house I dreamed about for years
💜 Grown my business and expanded into new areas
💜 Started trauma therapy and healed a lot of my past
💜 Removed a lot of negativity and toxins from my life
💜 Been on TV, magazines, and newspapers
💜 Been featured in high vibe accounts I used to consider my idols
💜 Started multiple membership groups
💜 Crossed multiple things off my Bucket List
💜 Got rid of my credit card debt (and credit cards altogether)
💜 Been able to continue working from home and anywhere I have internet access

Your Life Can Be Totally Different | Uncustomary

I don’t say this to brag. I mean, I am patting myself on the back, but I want you to know that any and all of this is attainable for you, too.

💖 If you don’t want to work at a 9 to 5 like I used to, you don’t have to.
💖 If you want to be on TV, you can be.
💖 If you want to work remotely, you can.
💖 If you want to write a magazine or a book, you can.
💖 If you want to work on healing your trauma or say goodbye to difficult stories, people, or toxins, you can.

Don’t get me wrong. There are still plenty of areas of my life that I have lots of work to do, and even in the areas that are going really well, I have a high desire to continue evolving. I still have self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that come out to play. I’m human.

But if I can go from the deeply depressed, self-hating person I was who had no faith in her own dreams, you can, too. And I can help you do it, if you’re ready. The thing is, I can’t help you if you aren’t ready.

I’ve worked with some people for six months who made no progress because they refused to do the homework. And I’ve worked with some people who made more progress in 2-3 weeks than many other people I’ve worked with have made in six months because they put in the damn work.

Making your dreams a reality isn’t easy work because before we can get a juicy life, we first have to examine our shadow thoughts. Feeling good really is an important part of our daily job, but if you don’t believe you deserve to feel good, we need to start there.

I’m here to help you work on any and all of these things, and if you want to start that journey, send me an e-mail at or a DM on Instagram, or check out my coaching page.