Your Guide to Discovering Your Dream Career | Uncustomary

There are a few milestones that we all hope to achieve during our lifetime. Find the love of your life, acquire your dream job, start a family. Though these milestones aren’t for everyone, they are currently a part of what is known as the master narrative. This narrative is what you have been taught as a young child is a part of a happy and healthy life.

The specifics of your own life’s narrative don’t need to follow these milestones, but instead should be geared towards what makes you feel fulfilled. This can, in many cases, mean changing your mind later on in life.

The Truth About Your Dream Career

The problem with picking a “dream” career is that most job titles, roles, and possibilities are not known to us, especially as children. Your dream career can be a mystery to you even as an adult, which is why you need to keep searching for the job role that offers these two qualities:

1. It Needs to be Fulfilling

You need to feel fulfilled at what you do. This means that you feel like you are making a difference, you love what you do, and you even enjoy the people and company you work for.

2. It Needs to Support You

Your career needs to support you financially and emotionally. If you found a position you love but at the same time simply cannot afford even a simple lifestyle, then you need to find an alternative.

How to Discover Your Dream Career

To help you discover your true dream career, you will want to follow these steps:

Go Into the Field that Interests You The Most

Though the specific role that is perfect to you might be discovered later, chances are you will know at least which field you want to get into. This field is what has always drawn you, and it can be quite broad. If you want to help people get better, for example, then you will want to get into the field of medicine. As you can imagine, there are many job roles within this field.

Don’t Be Scared of Going Back to School Later

In fields like medicine you need certifications, which is why you should never be scared to go into a job role and then backtrack and get your formal qualifications later when you know for sure what job you want to qualify for. There are many great online nursing degrees to take, for example, so that you can gain the qualifications and build up your career all at once.

Diversify Your Skill set

Diversifying your skill set will help make you a prime candidate for more senior positions. It will also keep your options open, especially if you have a job that is likely to be replaced by automated technologies. Diversifying your skill set could mean gaining certification, allowing you to use more complicated tools, or it could mean translating your skills to a more managerial position.

How You’ll Know You’ve Found It

There are many ways to tell if you have found your dream career, but the most sure-fire way is if you feel like you have come into yourself. If you feel content, fulfilled, and respected, then chances are that you are exactly where you need to be.