Your Body Is A Gift | Uncustomary

We always say life is a gift. I agree with that, obviously. Existence on this earth, the universe itself, is a downright miracle. But “life” is a pretty broad topic, right? Under the “umbrella” of life, there are many things we take for granted.

One of those things is our bodies. In fact, we not only take it for granted, often times we berate it and treat it with disdain. I wish everyone thought about their bodies the way THESE KIDS did. When asked what they would change about their bodies, they only wanted to add things like a unicorn horn, wings, or a magical power. When we ask adults the same question, they’ll likely respond very differently, declaring what should be bigger, smaller, less pointy, harder, etc.

The reality is you can only control certain things. You can change what you put in your body (food, drugs, vitamins), you can change what you do with your body (exercise, sex, tattoos), and you can control what you have done to your body (massage, acupuncture, plastic surgery, hair color), and you can control where your body goes (location).

You cannot control most medical conditions, birthmarks, or defects, mental illness, your natural frame, etc. You really only have control over a very small percentage of your physical body’s traits. And my advice to you is the same as the advice I have when people stress about other people or the weather. You can’t control these things, so don’t waste time stressing about them.

Your body is the vessel that takes you through life. You should be thankful for the miraculous functions you’re able to perform. Look at your body objectively; it’s the only thing you’ll always have. Treat it with kindness, respect, and love.