So now that I’ve shared with you what my new resolutions are I want to list the things that I accomplished in the past year. I sent out a newsletter to 40 people last Friday and I’ve started hearing that they’ve been received so I feel okay about posting this here now. 🙂 The list of things I did accomplish is very different from what I had written out originally to accomplish and I’m okay with that. I like what happened for the most part:

+ visited the west coast for the first time (San Diego)

+ made a decision to see a new psychiatrist and got my medications stabilized

+started (cognitive behavioral) therapy, exposed myself to some of my worst (OCD) fears, and “graduated therapy”
+ dealt with Nannie’s death the best way I knew how
+ discovered yarn bombing
+ started and kept up with my 365 days of mail art project
+ created a solid, fun, and interesting relationship with Janice
+ celebrated half a decade with Matt
+ got a cat who I love

+ went to a magic bar
+ didn’t get sick at all really
+ went to an Altered Book Workshop
+ took up knitting
+ ate the biggest slice of pizza ever at Angelo’s+ celebrated 11/11/11

+ saw Britney Spears in concert

+ put googly eyes in shoes and pants pockets at Forever21 (on Flag Day)
+ visited Philadelphia
+ reached (over) 900 postcards sent on Postcrossing
+ went stickering

What are YOUR resolutions for the new year? What was significant about your 2011? Goals, goals, goals!