On the 30th day of January, I raced to Baltimore. I knew it was going to rain around 4 pm, and I wasn’t able to leave work as early as I thought. I knew where I wanted to do my Fun A Day installation, and the parking around there becomes illegal between four and six. There’s even a tow truck waiting around for the occasion. I pulled into my barely legal parking spot at 3:55, and that was when it started raining. And it wasn’t just a regular rain. It was just sheets of water pouring out of the sky.
I waited one minute to see if it was going to slow down, but it didn’t. So, I got my mini shopping cart out of my backseat and thanked the man, who was getting into his car in front of me, for telling me that my car would be towed very soon. I ran in my flower flats over to the electrical pole on Lombard Street. People were looking at me like I was crazy as I frantically looped zip tie to zip tie, then attached those to a miniature shopping cart that I had created knitted cozies for at my house.
It’s good that you can see the cart in the pictures, but it also makes me sad that you can’t see just how much it was raining. I got back to my car two minutes after four o’clock, and I was just.. beyond soaked. It’s like I don’t have any battle scars, because my shoes and clothes have dried over the past two months. 😉 But I’ve got these awesome photos.
Matt pointed out that the first photo is really cool because you assume it’s a regular shopping cart, but then you see the size of the taxi cab and realize that it’s not. Or you just think that you’re crazy. Either way it’s awesome.
I found that little shopping cart at the thrift store for less than $2. You can see Bug posing with it as he informs the world about shopping.