Why Men Don’t Go To The Doctors | Uncustomary

It is true that us men do everything that we can in order to avoid going to visit our doctor. Even in the case of men having heart attacks, they have been known to refuse transport to a hospital from the on site medics. One of the reasons for something like this (sheer stupidity!) is that men convince themselves that the condition that they are in or the symptoms that they are experiencing from an illness will improve all by itself. Because of this, they feel that they do not want to bother a medical professional with the issue, as it will eventually sort itself out. Another reason why men are quick to dismiss a trip to the doctor’s office is plain, old fear of what they may be diagnosed with. 

Because of these things, a doctors clinic can be a daunting place for many men to visit, especially if it has been many years since they have last been to one. To help these men feel more comfortable, a number of online clinics that have been specially built with male patients in mind have begun to spring up. Visit this clinic to see what they are all about.

Withholding information

Even when men eventually make it to see their doctor, it is not uncommon for some of them to withhold important information from them or to even lie about their current physical state. This is, in part, due to the fact that they are fearful being diagnosed with an embarrassing condition, such as hemorrhoids or even a mental condition. This is because there is a certain level of stigma associated with these types of conditions. 

How dangerous can avoiding the doctors be?

Putting off or completely avoiding medical treatment altogether can have seriously dire consequences. This is because the early warning signs of some illnesses can be easily missed as a result. This is especially true of those diseases that have symptoms that are considered to be ‘silent’. For example, the only way to diagnose prostate cancer is via a physical examination being performed on you. If this type of exam is put off then this can lead to the disease being missed and full blown cancer developing.

Changing men’s views

There are a number of ways in which the views and actions of men regarding their health can be changed for the better. One such way is by giving discounts to any couple that have medical check ups taken together. This will encourage wives and partners to not only encourage their other half to come but they will also be able to provide them with some much needed guidance and support. 

Another way is for doctor practices and health clinics to actively market towards men with focused advertising campaigns, specifically highlighting some of the main conditions and illnesses that men suffer with. This would need to be implemented in male centered environments, such as at sports stadiums, in barber shops, and within male dominated work places, such as mechanics. Luckily, new developments are also being made all the time. The online naturopath offers personalized holistic health consultations, providing comprehensive wellness plans tailored to individual needs and accessible from the comfort of one’s home.