Country homes are making a comeback in the U.S., with the number of people interested in buying a home increasing by around 126% last summer. The idea of living near lush nature, having more space, and being able to access goods and services nearby appeals at a time in which working from home is becoming ‘the new norm’. Imagine being able to give the daily commute a miss, to enjoy a relaxing coffee or tea on your porch, to enjoy a long walk with your dog, or to enjoy a mindfulness meditation session – all before the sun has fully risen. If the sound of embracing a rural lifestyle appeals, then making the decision may result in the following benefits.

Nature And Stress

Global stress is reaching an all-time high, with the American Psychological Association reporting that 60% of Americans feel that the number of issues the nation is facing overwhelms them. The good news is that simply living near a blue or green area heals, with various studies showing that doing so significantly reduces stress hormone (cortisol) levels. Living in green spaces has a plethora of additional benefits – including better attention in children, a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, and even a healthier gut microbiome in formula-fed infants. The range of benefits is so wide that it makes moving to the country an investment in your health as well as your happiness.

Embracing Simple Living

Many new country dwellers are attracted by the idea of spending less, both on their home and on daily living. Wealth Meta reports that rural homes are (on average) 30% cheaper, and that 20% more people own their homes in these areas. Those wishing to make even bigger savings look for land for sale in popular states like Texas, which is known as much for its vast tracts of land as for its appealing ranch-style homes. Buyers have the option of sizing down by buying a home with a small acreage, or making the most of their land by farming or raising chickens in a property with a vast acreage.

Staying Acting Outdoors

Country living offers more than space and silence: it also offers the opportunity for a host of adventures outdoors that are ideal for burning energy, having fun, and connecting with others. Country homes located near lakes, for instance, offer dwellers the chance to stay active with sports like kayaking, stand up paddling, and water skiing. Those who prefer land-based activities, meanwhile, can work up a sweat while trekking, mountain climbing, or abseiling. Country cities and towns also offer vast cultural offerings, including concerts, theatrical performances, and outdoor food festivals.

This is undoubtedly the age of remote work – a phenomenon that is predicted to stay – and that is prompting many city dwellers to consider a move to the country. Living near green areas has a plethora of benefits for the mind and body. It also enables dwellers to enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’, with shopping, cultural pursuits, and a wide gastronomic offering often just a few minutes away from home by car.