Life is not easy. You might have heard this a million times before. But for someone who is suffering from severe temporary or chronic depression, such words don’t offer any kind of real comfort.

Depression is a monster that literally sucks the fun and happiness out of your life. Depressed people usually suffer from unexplained anhedonia that can make others take their problems lightly, doubling their agony in the process. But real friendship, the presence of loved ones and believing in one’s self will help you fight these negative feelings off.

People who love you don’t care whether your problems make sense or not. They only and genuinely care about you, your happiness and emotional well-being. If you are sad, they will give you a hand.

Why Friendship Is Exactly What Will Pull You Out Of Depression | Uncustomary

Depression Can be Treated:

Depression is not meant to be left untreated. It is very important to seek help whenever you feel that you are experiencing regular bad moods. You might be well aware of the reason behind your unhappiness or you might not be unable to identify it. A lot of depressed people feel guilty because they are unable to enjoy life and the blessings they have.

Ignoring your depression symptoms is only going to make them worse. Depressed people are not weak, they are just carrying more than what they are able to handle. If you are suffering from depression or live with someone who is going through a rough time, then there is no reason to ignore the condition. Addressing the problem is going to make it easier to handle.

Think About It:

When things don’t go well, you need to take time to reflect upon the best way to deal with them. Think of the possibilities and the other ways to deal with the problem. Taking your time will allow you get over the initial shock that might deprive you of thinking straight.

While taking your time, you will start to realize the real nature of your problem. This helps you deal with it without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Friendship Is Exactly What Will Pull You Out Of Depression | Uncustomary

Don’t Hold Back:

Holding back can make you drown in your toxic feelings. Real friends and family are going to do their best to pull out of depression, help you get your life back on track and enjoy it once again.

There is a theory that the real “you” that you perceive as yourself doesn’t exist. Everyone you deal with has a version of “you” that they know and deal with. This also applies to your problems. Talking to a real friend allows you to see the problem from a different point of view.

Other people have different experiences in life and one of them might be directly related to your situation. Listen to others and what they’ve gone through. You might hear a piece of advice that can change your life. A good friendship is worth a million therapists’ sessions. Your real friends are familiar with your life, understand what you go through and will help you understand the truth that your sadness might make it unclear to see.

But good friends are not just for venting. Ask your friends to help you with the things you are unable to handle. We all have different abilities and levels of tolerance. What looks challenging and overwhelming to you might be easy for your friend. Remember that people tend to be braver and bolder when they are not dealing with something that affects them personally.

Why Friendship Is Exactly What Will Pull You Out Of Depression | Uncustomary

Seek Professional Help:

A lot of people feel depressed because they are unable to finish everything they are supposed to. Seeing others accomplish what you can’t do can make you feel incompetent and depressed. If there is someone who can help with getting rid of your stress triggers, then you should consider their help. Don’t just waste days wondering “Who can write my essay for me?” or “How can I clean the house myself?” There are professionals who will handle these problems, giving you a chance to catch your breath and enjoy life.  Hire someone to help you with the cleaning, finishing your chores or your school assignments. There is no point in pushing yourself beyond your limit.

If things seem to get out of control, you can always think about talking to a life coach. These qualified professionals will help you organize and prioritize your goals. You will be able to find time for everything, even to relax.

Do Something You Like:

Life is not all about chores and tasks. You can still find time to chill and have fun. Practice your favorite hobby and make yourself available to do something that you like and enjoy. This will change your bad mood, giving you enough energy to deal with everything else. You can spend some quality time with an intriguing mystery book or you can try meditation. Even spending some quality time with your pet will put you in a great mood.

This Too Shall Pass:

The only truth about life is that it is always changing. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a new day. Thinking about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow will not change anything. The only thing you can do is to think about today and how you can enjoy it to the maximum. Today is your chance to fix the mistakes of the past and prepare for a brighter and more promising future. Don’t waste it thinking about what you can’t change.

You can always plan to guarantee that things are better tomorrow but you have to understand that there are no guarantees. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for the things we can’t control. The presence of people who care about you will make it easier. Just trust yourself and your abilities.