Discover the Illuminated City: Where to Experience the Amsterdam Light Festival?

One event that the tourists and local citizens of Amsterdam have their eyes on, is the Amsterdam Light Festival. It’s the time when the city shines at its finest. No matter what age group you belong to and which segment of the society you represent, this festival has a lot to offer for almost everyone. Every winter, as the new version of the festival sets in, the entire town glows like a gem. If you happen to be in Amsterdam at this time of the year, you ought to be cruising your way above the sparkling water as the entire town bathes in the light of glittering art pieces. To find out more and to order services, visit the website

Where Is the Amsterdam Light Festival and What to Expect?

If you are a visitor to the town, or planning to visit, you must be wondering what actually is all that hype regarding this festival and what can you expect to see. This festival is about letting the artists get creative with their art works and come up with some amazing light art to be displayed across the town. The new and seasoned artists create some stunning art works for every new season of the festival and these are then exhibited for the public. 

Every winter, this event it help by a private organization. This foundation has nothing to do give any government authorities and they don’t receive funds from the state. Instead, the foundation has private partners who provide financial support. Moreover, donations are also accepted by the foundation from any one who wants to make this event a success. Funds are also collected by the sale of tickets. Hence, it is a project fueled by the people themselves.

This event is also marked by dedicated tours arranged by the foundation for various segments so that it has something for everyone and the entire society can be engaged. Hundreds of students from different schools are given a trip to the canal to have a look at amazing light art. For the past few years, the foundation has been consistently organizing the trips of primary school students. These tours include boat trips across the canals as the kids get to enjoy the boat ride and the pieces of glowing art. Similarly, the trips are arranged for older folks as well every year. The senior citizens get a chance to make acquaintances and enjoy the beauty of the city from where it looks the most stunning i.e. the waters. 

Moreover, the young artists are provided an opportunity to create some inspiring art for the festival which mostly stay on the display for the entire year. Hence, they get recognition, and the visitors are provided with something worth visiting. In short, people from all walks of life are given a chance to see the glowing city from the gleaming waters. 

When is the Amsterdam Light Festival?

It keeps going throughout the year as most of the art works stay open for exhibition for an entire year. However, a new edition is introduced every winter. As it starts, new artworks are put on the exhibition. The dates may change every season. This year, it is set to begin on 30th, of November 2023, and will end on 21st January, 2024. 

Where to See Amsterdam Light Festival

Now that you know what this event is all about, the question is, where to see Amsterdam light festival? Although, you do have an option to walk through the artworks displayed on different locations, or go for a bike tour, the most recommended option would be to hire a boat and cruise through the canals. The artworks are mostly displayed across the canals’ banks as well as inside the canals. 

So, in order to admire them in the real sense, it would be wise to have a look at them up close. Hiring a private boat and cruising with your loved ones will increase the fun manyfold. Moreover, the personal guides available on board are the knowledgeable locals who will ‘enlighten’ you about each and every piece of art and its creator. 

The private cruise allows you to see the festival with privacy and take pictures with your preferred backgrounds without strangers roaming around. Moreover, a private boat like Undine is equipped with all the comforts for a luxurious trip including a mini bar in addition to welcome drinks, integrated heating system, and fog proof windows.

A private tour booked through Amsterdam Private Boat can be combined with a dinner cruise. This allows you to order 4 course, 3 course or 1 course dinner delivered right into your saloon cruise from the restaurants across the canals.  It can house 8 people at the maximum with up to 6 adults. However, for larger groups, there are other suitable options as well. 

How to Book a Saloon Boat for the Festival

Now that you know when and where is the Amsterdam light festival, it would be better to book it ahead of time so that you don’t miss the trip due to in availability of a private boat.  In order to book a cruise get in touch with us here and we will guide you to the best available options.