What’s in my bag? Lots of stuff, usually. Almost everyone who picks up my green Camp Director Tote from ModCloth throws it back down, declaring it too heavy. I’ve always been someone who carries around a lot of things, but honestly, this new bag actually distributes the weight pretty well. Plus, it has the option of a shoulder strap or to be hand-held.

In order to show you what’s in my bag, I tried to keep it as accurate as possible. I did throw away all the trash (receipts, backs to stickers, etc.). and there are two things that aren’t pictured: my bottle of Advil and my camera, because I needed to take the picture! But I did place the lens cap for reference.

* Notebook – It’s important to always have something to write on. Sometimes I doodle when I’m bored, or make actual lists of things for work. It’s also good for traveling, if I don’t want to lug around my actual Happy Journal

* Promo postcards – I try to leave these places in the city to promote my digital product, Inspiration For Your Inbox

* Pouch # 1 – This has stickers and notes to leave for strangers

* Emergen-C – In case I need a boost of Vitamin C on the go (Raspberry flavored)

* Deodorant – This is actually different than the deodorant I usually use, but I just like to have it with me in case

* Pouch # 2 – This contains multiple pens and lip glosses; I also sometimes throw my license, credit card, and money in here if I want to travel super light

* Flash drive – In case I need to do work on the go or download files from others’ computers

* Icebreakers – I don’t like mints, so this is the next best thing (Raspberry flavored)

* Unicorn wallet – It won’t close! I have too much crap in there: tons cards, notes, coupons, etc.

* Snarfblat – To help me think in case I need to solve a mystery

* Business cards – This little case from Moo has been a lifesaver

* Foundation * Condoms  * Triangular confetti * My favorite earrings * Lens cap/camera * Pile of change * Bottle cap that says “Magic” * Mini video recorder

And that’s the inside of my purse, covered in glitter, and I just realized that’ a googly eye on the bottom left. You can see the bag in action in my Snap, Crackle, Kindness post.

What’s in your bag?