Have you been feeling low energy, unmotivated, uninspired, or like you’re slipping into behaviors that you know your future self is going to be like, “Damn, I wish I hadn’t done that”?

You know what I mean. Self-sabotaging. Procrastinating. Half-assing stuff.

We all do it. The first thing to do is shake it off. Release any shame and guilt around it. It’s not going to help you move forward. We can only shift gears into what we’re doing in this moment and set ourselves up for future success.

If it helps, I’ve done it my whole life and still do it. I’m just finding it easier and easier to reign myself back in.

What Would My Highest Self Do | Uncustomary

Let me tell you one thing that has really helped me reign myself back in, so to speak:

Asking myself, “What Would My Highest Self Do?”

We talk about our Highest Selves as this theory all the time. This elusive goddess that will appear when we’re suddenly self-actualized over night.

Bullshit. They’re already in you. Welcome them out to play. Even in small doses. Or asking them for advice or how to handle something.

Maybe that means…

  • doing something more elaborately
  • dressing differently
  • giving it more passion
  • standing up for yourself
  • saying goodbye to something
  • breathing deeply when faced with someone else’s bullshit and reminding yourself, “This is not MY bullshit”

This is straight from the Uncustomary Babes Group Weekly Challenge this week. I thought it was so important that I’d share with you, too. They also get a printable PDF poster to hang up in their home to remind themselves throughout the day, as well on helpful tips on where to hang it, how to use it, and more!

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