What To Do When You Come Off Your Bike | Uncustomary

Coming off your bike is a scary thought, right? What with the amount of big, fast vehicles you and your motorcycle share the road with, in this day and age, however, this is always a possibility. No matter how safe of a rider you might be, all it takes is one distracted or dangerous driver to knock you down.

If you are ever stricken with this kind of plight, it’s important that, for the sake of both your health and your finances, you take the right kind of action immediately following the incident. One wrong move and you could face deadly repercussions well into the future.

Here’s what you need to do when you come off your bike:

Move to a safe position

As soon as your head is clear and you can make rational decisions, you have to move away from the scene of the accident and into a safe position. Forget your bike for the time being, and even forget protecting your finances going forward as well. The most important thing at this time is to ensure that you are out of harm’s way.

Call the emergency services

Whether you’re injured or not, you need to call the police as the report that they compile about your accident can be used as evidence when you come to claim for compensation. When the police arrive, be sure to co-operate with them as best as you can. The police will understand that you are in a high-pressure situation, but they will not stand for you venting your anger towards them.

Take down the officer’s name and collar number and make sure to ask for details pertaining to the case — this will help you to stay in the loop as your investigation moves forward. You should also be sure to call the police if you feel that the other party involved in your accident is providing you with fake contact details.

If you feel it necessary to do so, you should also call an ambulance. You should take this action if you feel that you may be in shock, in pain or dizzy and lightheaded.

Get yourself checked over

Even if you deem your injuries to be significantly minor, it’s still advisable that you get yourself checked over by a medical professional. If nothing else, the medical report that they compile about you can be used in the claiming process that you embark on.

Start claiming

You deserve compensation for your ordeal, especially if you were forced to miss work because of it, so it’s essential that you start your claiming process as soon as possible. In this instance, it is essential that you find a way to partner up with an motorcycle accident attorney. This kind of lawyer will have the exact skills, knowledge, and toolset you need to be able to win your case and earn the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

When you come off your bike, it is paramount that you put all of the advice laid out above into practice to ensure you can look after yourself financially and physically.