What Is The Best Way To Enjoy Hemp Flower? | Uncustomary

There are many reasons for which people choose to smoke Hemp. However, that is not our subject today. When you consider all the different methods in which people can enjoy their Hemp, you have to wonder which is the best. There might not be one way that is right for everyone, but there is probably a method that will work best for you. Let’s examine the pros and cons to see what we can learn. 

Rolling With A Paper

Rolling a simple cigarette is probably the most common method. It definitely has its pros and cons, and the biggest pro is obvious. Rolling papers are very cheap and very easy to find. Virtually every gas station and tobacco store will have them. They also have no added flavorings to interfere with the taste of the Hemp. However, some people find that papers give a certain aftertaste that they do not like. 

On the plus side, a cigarette is just about the perfect size for a single-person dose. If that’s all you want, papers can be a convenient way to deliver. Because rolling papers are made in standard sizes, you also have the option to use them with a rolling machine. There are several kinds and various sizes, and they make the act of rolling a cigarette even easier. 

The only bad thing about standard papers is the way that they burn. They don’t often have a perfectly even burn rate and are prone to “runs.” To be fair, your rolling skills do make something of a difference here. Even so, cigarettes often burn too fast and/or too unevenly. 


  • Papers are cheap and readily available
  • No added flavors
  • Perfect size for a single-person dose
  • Can be used with a rolling machine


  • Relatively fast burn rate
  • Some people find that it has a bad aftertaste
  • Less likely to burn evenly

Rolling With A Cigar

The use of a cigar or a cigar wrap can be a nice way to roll up something for more serious smoking. It delivers a larger dose, giving you a strong and fast effect. If you want to make sure that you actually feel the effects of your Hemp, a blunt might be just the thing. On top of that, the hint of tobacco really adds something to the overall package. Not everyone likes it, but many people do. Yes, tobacco is bad for you, but this tiny amount is unlikely to make any difference.

Blunts also have the advantage of being better for group smoking, and not just because of their greater size. That cigar paper is a little bit thicker, and so it burns slower as a result. It also tends to burn more evenly with less running. The biggest downside of the Hemp cigar is the added expense. The cigars themselves are more expensive, and they will cause you to go through your Hemp bag more quickly. 


  • Slower, more even burn
  • Some people like that hint of tobacco flavor
  • Delivers a larger dose
  • Better for group smoking


  • Cigars are more expensive than papers
  • Uses more Hemp than a cigarette
  • Not everyone likes the taste of the cigar

Standard Pipes

You can get pipes of all sorts, from wooden pipes that are meant for smoking tobacco to glass pipes and all sorts of others. However, all pipes work basically the same way. they have a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. There are several advantages to this classic and time-honored method. Unlike papers or cigars, a pipe is a one-time expense. For that matter, it’s pretty easy to improvise a pipe from many materials (wood, clay, metal pipes, etc.)

You will need to buy screens from time to time if you choose a pipe, but that’s a tiny and infrequent expense. A pipe also maximizes the natural flavor of the Hemp, simply because nothing is there to interfere. Of course, there are some downsides. Pipes sometimes cause the user to suck hot ash down their throat, which isn’t pleasant at all. Also, there is a small chance that something like this could be mistaken for illegal drug paraphernalia. 


  • One-time expense (except screens)
  • Nothing to interfere with the taste of the Hemp
  • Many different options
  • Easy to improvise and repair


  • Occasionally sucking ash down your throat
  • Might be mistaken for drug paraphernalia

Water Pipes

These are still pipes, but they are different enough to warrant their own section. By adding an extra chamber to a pipe and filling it with water, these pipes basically use the water as a filter for the smoke. The result is a smoother, cooler hit that is just a lot less harsh overall. Not only that, but it completely eliminates the risk of sucking hot ash down your throat.

According to mrhempflower.com water pipe (or “bong“) can deliver a larger hit than other pipes because of the extra chamber. That allows you to build up a large hit of smoke, which may or may not be what you want. If you like big hits, you will love water pipes. If you like little puffs, a standard pipe would suit you better. And, of course, you do have to worry about spilling that bong water if you aren’t careful.


  • Smoother, easier smoke
  • No ash getting sucked down your throat
  • Delivers more smoke in a single inhalation


  • Easy to take too big of a hit
  • Spillage can be a problem


All four of these common options are unlikely to disappoint you, as all are tried-and-true methods. However, you can only discover which one you truly like best by trying them all. We hope we have given you a good introduction and a guide for that process.