The weekend is around the corner and it’s time to barbecue for the family. Weekends are family time and people will like to eat outside even with the cold. In fact, if you are of Irish origin you will know that the sun is celebrated by spending time the garden and firing up the barbecue then burn some meat!

If you have not barbecued before, you too can participate in the neighborhood barbecue party this weekend after reading this post. This post will teach you how and make you add barbecue to your summer to do list.

We have here few grilling tips for beginners who like to be grill masters:

What Do You Need For A Barbecue On The Weekend | Uncustomary

1. Plan Ahead

You cannot barbecue with any other utensil but the grill. The grill (charcoal, gas or electric) is the perfect barbecue tool for any family. Some grills are expensive while others are budget friendly. Beginners who worry about price can get the best gas grills under $200 from reputable stores. Your plan should include buying a grill if you do not have one. If you do, then you can make it ready and functional for the weekend. If you already have a grill, make sure that its nice and clean. Remember, not all grill cleaners are created equal, visit Ultimate Grill Mate to find the best today.

Planning a barbecue also include putting into perspective the duration needed to cook different types of meat. For example, you need a minimum of one hour to cook ribs, two hours to cook beef, six to seven hours to roast pulled pork and ten to twelve hours or more to cook briskets! What this mean in a nutshell is that if you don’t have enough time, do not bother roasting meat that would take time to be ready.

Note that the time mentioned above are only estimates and based on two assumptions. The first being that temperature will be perfect and the second, opening the grill often does not occur. Furthermore, the time mentioned does not include the time to prepare the meat. When you put all these together, suffice to say that if you must cook any of the long cooking meat, you must start very early in the morning.

2. Prep The Meat

The meat for barbecue must be prepared specially so that it comes out tasty. Preparing the meat entails salting it, adding pepper, and spice rub. While some prefer to leave the meat to sit for a while for the sauce to sip in, others just prep and grill at once. Whichever one you decide the result will be delicious barbecued meat. You can decide to create your signature rub to prep the meat or use your favorite barbecue sauce. If you used a rub or sauce, leave some for the mop/glaze.

3. Get Your Fuel Ready

Grills, either gas, coal or electric operated must have enough supply of the fuel. If you are using gas grill, ensure you get your gas canister filled and ready for the task ahead. If you are using electricity, then it must be regular and uninterrupted (which is not a good option for country and village dwellers).

The charcoal grill needs coal and wood chips to run, so go for hickory chips or chunks. Avoid fruit woods and hardwood. If you are using chips, you can either soak them in fuel or not. Soaked wood burns a little slowly and with minimal amount of smoke.

4. Bowl for The Mopping Mix

Get a small bowl and add half a bottle of good bear, two tablespoons of your sauce, a splash or two of cider vinegar and two to three tablespoons of rub. Mix the content together over warm fire. The mixture is your mop; brush it on the meat anytime you add chips or every thirty minutes.

5. Heating Gap Management

If you are using coal grill, keep a safe distance between the meat and the coal since you don’t want your meat to be burnt when ready. A divider such as a cookie sheet will come in handy here. The divider will shield the meat from direct contact with the coal.

6. Do Not Rush

Grilling is like art which should not be rushed. Take your time, keep the temperature steady at 225 degrees or by a few degrees of heat higher. Open the vent half-way and allow a steady bluish or whitish smoke to escape against billowing. As you cook, watch the meat; when you can open up the cooked meat with your hands with a pinkish inside, then it is ready!

What Do You Need For A Barbecue On The Weekend | Uncustomary


We trust that your barbecues will come out great and perfect. However, do not be discouraged if it does not, because a good barbecue like everything in life does not come out perfect at first attempt. Keep practicing; make barbecuing one of the things to do when bored and you will eventually get it right.