Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going really well. Today is also Poet’s Day! You could celebrate by sending a note of appreciation to your favorite poet, posting a poem that speaks to you, or writing one yourself.

This past week has been full of new experiences and adventures! I’m excited to share some of the things that have made me happy recently, and I’d love to hear what’s on your list!

+ positive reminders on the sidewalk
+ submitting pictures to an art abandonment book
+ leaving gifts for strangers around Mount Vernon
+ pretending that the flashing lights on tow trucks are just where chipmunks have raves

+ posing in front of wheat paste installations
+ taking pictures with giant fake flowers
+ beautiful Baltimore weather
+ Janice describing me as a “Funfetti Human

+ permanent hopscotch
+ crab pizza for lunch
+ seeing a bunch of friends at Sticky Rice
+ “Heroes” by David Bowie

+ eating at The Owl Bar in The Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore
+ makeshift snowball stands
+ packing for Texas
+ understanding more about baseball

+ playing on elephant and dinosaur sculptures
+ my order of postage stamps coming in the mail
+ my unicorn mask coming in the mail!
+ going to a new state for the first time 

+ driving around “bad” neighborhoods at sunset with Charlotte
+ meeting Suzie, Tom, Rosie, and Maya
+ really beautiful installations in Houston and Austin
+ good tacos and Vietnamese food

+ utilizing  a section of Ikea as an actual work space with Michelle
+ learning immense amounts of information at The Blogcademy (more to come!)
+ downloading WordPress and Michelle helping me with my design/general questions
+ Janice starting nursing school

+ plastic shovels and fake flowers being 10 cents each (and buying a lot of them)
+ meeting Gala Darling, Kat, and Shauna
+ visiting a great costume store
+ writing letters at the airport

What’s been making you happy this week? Any adventures or photos you want to share? Make today a great one! We only have ten days of August left.