Hi there hey hello! Happy June! It’s also Bug’s birthday! Thanks for putting up with me in my absence. I really needed it. And I had a great time at Playa Del Fuego! Surprise surprise, all the pictures this week are from my trip. But they’re colorful and fun, and I hope you enjoy them. If you’re interested in learning more about burns, I wrote a 101 post you might enjoy!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Rain falling on top of the tent * Setting up my Merriment Materials table and people using it * Coloring in a velvet poster of a unicorn * Post-Playa trip to Friendly’s * Claw machine full of colorful rubber ducks * Giant bubbles * Watching the pony burn * Singing in the car with Joe * Doing the naked slip ‘n’ slide * Blorgs * Caffeine * Sleeping for 14 hours * Meeting new people and seeing old friends * Secret handshakes * Saying no to things I didn’t want to do * Portapotties being SO much closer than they’ve ever been * Cold showers in the blistering heat * Different flower crowns every day * Joe’s Ziggy Squirrel Dust costume * Maura’s braided hairdo by Darian * Dr. Horrible soundtrack * Brooke’s mermaid costume * Getting to the burn super early and seeing the drum performance * Watching a burner version of Family Feud

Happy Birthday Bug!

Bug Birthday Joe (16)

What’s on your happiness list this week?