Yesterday was my very favorite kind of rain. The drops were heavy and consistent, the weather was warm, and the petals on the trees stayed in tact. Yesterday was Earth Day, but since Mother Earth don’t play I had to reschedule my monthly event for today. If you’re in the Baltimore area, come play with me in Patterson Park around 6 o’clock. Today, however, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Doth have it in thee?

Also, I’m still accepting questions for my next Q&A video. Send me an e-mail or leave your questions in the comments. Anything is fair game, and I won’t say who asked what. And now… for an incomplete list of things I wrote in my happy journal over the past week.

+ continuing to celebrate Spring one month in
+ dresses made of tulle
+ a free funny comedy show at a motel
+ my dad finding my grandma’s old postcards and postage
+ 500 Days Of Summer

+ meeting Ron Jeremy (and him signing my boob)
+ ridiculous night at a male strip club
+ an “important man” passed out in the VIP area
+ Mike serenading us on his guitar to Tenacious D and Third Eye Blind
+ doing a yellow themed wordsearch on a postcard

+ walks through the city on beautiful days
+ cheap and delicious happy hours on the patio
+ a new teal and fuchsia mason jar with a straw
+ green twinkle lights
+ Richard making me a strawberry banana smoothie

+ elaborate costumes at Awesome Con
+ new clothes from Forever 21 and Rugged Warehouse
+ sushi at a new place with a beautiful ceiling
+ Charlotte spraying herself with KMart perfume that made her smell like a baby prostitute
+ getting our photo taken with the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro Shop

+ watching these two robots dance around
+ leaving inflatable carrots out for people to take
+ generous strangers giving me aspirin
+ the balloons lining Frederick Road
+ doing two yarnbombs

+ seeing this dog walking around on a roof
+ root beer and raspberry lollipops
+ seeing Broad City for the first time
+ low sodium ham
+ grumpy old man comments in a gay bar:

“Where’d they get this music, Europe?” – Ashley

+ Richard letting me spend his birthday with him
+ stealthily paying for the bill and ordering cheesecake with a candle
+ sexy nerd dancing to “Booty Do Math”
+ hand kisses
+ fun posters

+ Charlotte getting me these beyond perfect cards
+ trying chicken and waffles for the first time
+ eating an entire chocolate bunny
+ making good decisions I don’t regret
+ Munchel freaking out about losing her pen

“This girl just said this to someone who works at the cafe: ‘This it like totally random, but do you have any condiment packets?'” – Janice

What’s on your happiness list this week?