Happy Bubble Bath Day! If you’re being affected by the Polar Vortex, that probably sounds like a good idea! Hot water, bubbles, and a book? A bottle of wine? Could I try knitting in the bathtub? Maybe. Either way, I hope you have a great day.
If you’re local, make sure you RSVP for a free photobooth session or sign up for a class on guerrilla art!

+ working on my Fun A Day project (31 garlands this month!)
+ running errands with Jenn, and having her read me what the people of Baltimore wrote on my signs for their 2014 goals
+ officially announcing my Photobooth event
+ kindness missions
+ Ace Of Base Pandora Radio
+ chalk drawings of iceburgs

+ Amazon’s Gift of Art
+ colorful buildings
+ Fireball
+ watching Ashley get glass in her cake mix
+ being asked to teach another workshop in February
+ dying my hair and getting a hair cut
+ the idea of a resolution time capsule

+ hanging out with friends, including Amish-looking-Nick at The Phoenix
+ going on a date that has a (horror) story for the archives
+ screaming the only lyrics Ashley and I know to Pink’s “U + Ur Hand Tonight”
+ submissions for my first Q&A video (stay tuned on Saturday)
+ updating my quote book and only having a page and a half left
+ new gold lipstick called “Rich”

+ how beautiful this sushi looked on my lunch date with Kenna
+ realizing that the end clips of It’s Always Sunny are intended to be played backwards
+ my tinsel tiara
+ the image of this vanity license plate that April sent to me
+ great reactions to my mail post
+ sign-ups for my Postcard Subscription

+ a crafternoon in my bedroom with Charlotte
+ Chris D’elia’s impression of a drunk girl
+ wearing a pearl necklace and earrings
+ pretending to be British on phone calls
+ taking selfies to mirror our friends’
+ Hoku & hamburgers

+ playing in places that were intended for playing
+ watching really good dancers
+ my event line-up for the next two months
+ funny Baltimore coasters
+ raspberry peach lemonade
+ this excerpt from Phillip Shepherd’s book

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