Hey! Is your ground covered in snow? Lots of places got snow this week, including Baltimore! I hope you’re staying warm.

Are you working on your holiday cards? If you’ve got an extra, you can trade it in for a zine! If you’re in the DC area, join us for a holiday card writing party tomorrow at the Postal Museum! And don’t forget that you can still vote for your favorite Bug photo! He meows his love.

+ the first snow in Baltimore
+ “The Stars Were Exploding” by Good Luck
+ planning for New Year’s Eve
+ organizing and making room for my clothes

+ winning a Pog Game at Blingo
+ reading the results from my blog survey
+ Natalie Tran being so right about the Microwave Olympics
+ mailing out winter presents and Monthly Marvels

+ Bug sleeping all night with a Push Pop
+ building a gingerbread house with Charlotte
+ dinner at Mi Pueblo with Ashley (and them having a guacamole cart!)
+ a beautiful pep talk from Marielle

+ getting drinks at Dooby’s with The Ashleys, Jason, and my dad after the Tacky Sweater Photoshoot
+ eating a one million dollar chocolate bar
+ gold glitter all over my green dress
+ Gala’s suggestions for how to make this week great

+ celebrating Cookie Day
+ re-doing my inspiration boards
+ Bug not being able to control himself around fuzzy yarn
+ USAF’s flash mob in DC

+ watching It’s Always Sunny’s Christmas DVD
+ shots of Fireball
+ 500 likes on Facebook (at 555 I’ll have a giveaway!)
+ 19 signs you’re doing better than you think

+ Great gifts from Trine in Norway
+ a successful Self Love link-up
+ being on track with holiday cards
+ Allison posting about her giveaway package

What’s on your happy list this week?