Happy Wednesday, my loves! I’m happy to be happy today. Today would have been Matt’s and my 7 year anniversary, and I’m proud to say that I’m okay that it’s not. Life is different, and sometimes weird, but I like weird. I still have my notebooks, thoughts, cat, Ke$ha, and glitter. Everything is beautiful, and today is a beginning I didn’t know I’d have.

+ cheap yellow party hats
+ dyeing my hair darker brown and adding fuchsia highlights
+ how little people cared about what other people thought at Larry’s Tavern
+ a Filipino woman singing her heart out to “Dancing Queen” and half the bar dancing along

+ seeing great guerrilla art on the streets of Utah
+ deciding to celebrate the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas this year
+ getting back to knitting and doing a collaborative yarnbomb
+ not having to be at a 9-5 job!

+ people confidently walking down the street in rainbow afros
+ my suitcase being the first one on the conveyor belt in Utah
+ misreading “dopamine” as “blopamine” in Janice’s notes
+ being able to watch It’s Always Sunny with someone else

+ giant disco balls (including the ones I bought for earrings)
+ getting a new phone! (a Note 3)
+ buying gifts for people at Cahoots
+ making our own mimosas at Golden Corral

+ finally adding stuff to my clip-up mobile
+ in general, my trip to Utah
+ Goodwood’s onion rings
+ playing the painted piano on 25th street!

+ meeting this pup (Miko)
+ customers putting Nickelback on the jukebox as they were getting kicked out of the bar
+ casting spells on the candy in the grocery store
+ the heart necklace Candace gave me before I left

+ these giant build-your-own banner letters I used to decorate/personalize my studio
+ writing a bunch of letters on the plane
+ decorating my house for Halloween (including an eyeball wreath!)
+ shopping for Monthly Marvels

+ the “Try Living” sign
+ helping a friend get out of her rut
+ unpacking, catching up with e-mails and life
+ purchasing monster hands for this weekend’s flash mob… are you coming?!

+ finally seeing AVAM’s sidewalk in person
+ decorating a bus shelter in Baltimore
+ Michelle texting me that she loves me
+ practicing a Day Of Compassion

+ a hidden mermaid mural
+ starting my Vegetarian-for-a-week challenge (and my fortune scratch-off being about vegetarians!)
+ starting my Halloween cards
+ Bug being so happy I’m home

I will leave you with this video of my new rainbow wand. I hope that you are inspired by your world today. Light it up!