Are you getting festive yet? December 4th is Cookie Day! I think you all know how to celebrate, so go out and do it! Bake, gift, and stuff your face with deliciously sweet treats. I hope you’re having a good week. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Bug pic!

As 2013 fades to an end, I’m thinking a lot about the new year and the things I want to accomplish. I want to make sure I know you guys well, so I can make this blog the best experience possible. That’s where you come in! Would you please take a 10 question survey for me? I’d greatly appreciate it.

[this week I…]

listened to: Jukebox The Ghost & Good Luck
watched: Horrible Bosses
made: gifts for my friends
ate: Thanksgiving themed foods
wore: red sequins

+ the sunset on Eastern Avenue
+ getting a gingerbread house kit
+ having nice interactions with people at the photo center
+ Steve Kardynal’s newest Chatroulette parody

+ going to visit Melissa at Merry Mart at The Creative Alliance
+ re-meeting Scott of Baltimore’s Love Project
+ reading your Top Ten Things list
+ beautiful trees!

+ making crafts at Charlotte’s work
+ starting to write my Winter greeting cards
+ wrapping presents
+ Candy Chang talking about the top five types of responses on the Before I Die walls

+ participating in Flood The Streets With Art
+ Bug understanding the human words “cowboy treat”
+ pretending all the recycling bins on my block are actually yellow Lamborghinis
+ the fact that we live in a world where Will Ferrell can appear on a local North Dakota news station as Ron Burgundy

+ my favorite spot in Little Italy
+ getting frames for cheap at Michaels
+ transitioning my decorations into Winter themes
+ my old job finally posting the Human Rainbow picture I took this Spring

+ starting the last month of 2013 in my happy journal
+ going through Tumblr late at night and laughing my butt off
+ cutting out paper snowflakes
+ the hopscotch crosswalk in Baltimore

+ the free photobooth at Merry Mart (and all of a sudden becoming Batman)
+ the Modern Family marathon on Thanksgiving Day
+ making a goal to sit on three different Santa’s laps this month
+ the laughs I had at this woman who knits from her vagina

+ this snowman decoration in my neighborhood
+ stories about Bill Murray’s creative kindness
+ helping Caylee out by mailing her something they wouldn’t mail to Germany
+ all your support on my Choosing What You Celebrate post

+ this 12 Days Of Christmas charm bracelet that Charlotte got me
+ taking Vitamin D supplements
+ starting to make top five lists for 2013
+ this dog is dancing

+ the view of the Bromo-Seltzer clock tower
+ my excitement for the Tacky Sweater Photoshoot
+ wearing my sequined hat
+ learning that the Potoo bird exists

Now go out, eat cookies, and live well!
Comment below with your favorite cookie!
What’s on your happy list this week?