First and most importantly… today is Leap Day! So make sure you’re wearing blue and yellow and take some risks today because it doesn’t count.

And now here are some things that made me happy this past week

– painting my nails and toes and it not chipping for days in a row

– April spend $60 on tassels

– making my own crown to wear

– awesome thrift store finds

– Boy Meets World DVDs arriving

– hanging out VIP style at the top of Metropolitan while listening to R. Kelly at a very high volume

– finishing my 100 Ways To Be Creative list

– a horrendously awful experience at Cici’s Pizza

– drawing with sidewalk chalk in my driveway even though it was freezing

– wonderful textile sculptures

– driving through Baltimore with Matt

– going barefoot in the Post Office to check my box

– the idea of Bug in a leotard

– Janice getting an iPhone

– beautiful weather and skies

– concept of Leap Day

– being done with the two tests I was dreading

– this picture of Bug

What made you happy this week?