Things that made me happy the past week

+ discounted stationery and postcards at Daedalus Books

+ beautiful weather

+ buying a Salsa dancer-esque hair clip for $2 at the deli

+ getting my debit card situation resolved and selecting a penguin card design

+ finally feeling reconnected to my body and emotions

+ seeing awesome signs on our detour to South Street

+ getting back into Postcrossing full force

+ the way my hair looks when I swirl it now that I have highlights

+ two of my favorite bloggers (Bianca & Sally) tagging me in the 11 Things game

+ getting paid

+ awesome plastic gem necklace

+ eating lunch outside with LaShandra & Sarah
+ my iPod reminding me that I didn’t have completely awful taste when I was 15
+ the balloon guy at Silver Diner making me a balloon ring

+ Bug stealing a toy car off my desk

+ being overwhelmed by the Magic Gardens‘ magnificence

+ murals, puppies, and yarn bombing on South Street

What made you happy this week?