Things that made me happy 5/2-5/8

+ seeing a family of ducks walk across the road (for the first time!)

+ PO Box full of mail

+ Happy Hour complete with ring pops

+ a member approaching me at work while I was wearing a Britney Spears shirt, reading the shirt, and acting like he was shaving his head

+ participating in a flash mob! (more tomorrow)

+ teal tights and glitter shoes

+ Dad: “do you want anything from WaWa?”
Me: “a kit kat *points to Bug*”
Dad: “(to Bug) and what do you want? A hue-man?”

+ getting a new laptop

+ painting rocks at work for a future installation

+ beautiful lightning on the way home from happy hour

+ the blank box in my guided psych notes that said “draw pugs here”

+ penny glitter nails

+ seeing flamingos in my neighbors yard (which I failed to get a picture of)

+ Beyonce birthday parties

+ realizing how long Bug’s tongue is