Happy Wednesday! It’s also Balloons Around The World Day! I hope you’ll find time to celebrate today with something balloon-related. You already know that I’m excited about October, but I’m also excited about the start of my new happy journal! I finally ran out of pages in the most recent one, after writing in it since the beginning of 2012. You can see older pictures of it, and the style I used throughout the entire book. With this new book, though, I’m taking a different approach.

I will still be making lists of things that make me happy every day, but I’m also going to include more. This can mean pictures, quotes, images from magazines, stickers, etc. It’s going to be much more pleasing aesthetically, and I’m really excited about it!

Speaking of documenting happiness, Michelle sent me a link to HappyRambles, and I want to pass that information on to you. It’s essentially a digital happy journal. You sign up, for free, and get reminders to write your happy/gratitude list. The best part? You just have to reply to the e-mail they send you! If you’re someone who can’t remember to put pen to paper on a consistent basis, this is for you! I promise that making a happy list will change your life.


+ my new happy journal
+ finishing 30 Days Of Lists
+ visiting my old job and everyone being excited to see me
+ my very last paycheck

+ fruit patterned tables at the place I stopped to get a raspberry smoothie
+ getting a business checking account
+ announcing October’s event
+ watching The Big Lebowski in Nick’s room on two separate twin beds like a 50’s couple

+ accurately updating Atlantic City’s slogan
+ spray painting mini coffins and treasure chests
+ finishing my canvas paintings (while listening to The Beatles)
+ driving around in Mike’s car with Charlotte & Jason, listening to John Mayer

+ an awesome night in Ellicott City followed by Heidi & Charles’ house
+ painting my nails orange + confetti
+ Louis CK’s thoughts on cell phones and human emotion
+ chicken parmesan pasta

+ my dad getting me this pumpkin cookie (even though it was too sugary to eat!)
+ there being sand in my bed because I’m a mermaid
+ putting rhinestones on my face and going to the Lauraville Fair
+ pink lipstick that stays on for hours

+ gypsy aesthetics
+ good parking spots
+ early 2000’s songs blaring (i.e. Ryan Cabrera)
+ the power of Excedrin

+ re-purposing the rhinestones on my face to car decorations
+ my blog layout going live
+ napping with Bug in a legitimate spooning position
+ 296 “likes” on Facebook

+ mini punch-balloons
+ taking a walk with my dad
+ reading my friends’ Top Ten Things lists
+ a wonderfully sweet e-mail from Sarah

“I just wanted to let you know how very very much I’m enjoying your blog. I ran across it a couple weeks ago, and I feel lighter reading your posts. Your list of happy makes me so happy too, and I am loving your fall to do list. I found your blog only a couple weeks ago, but you are now one of my heroes. Thanks for sharing your life, you are inspiring me to look for more color and joy in my own life.” – Sarah Levi

+ meeting up with Kenna and going to Red Red Wine Bar
+ making confetti bows
+ receiving Michelle’s package
+ getting an orange pedicure

I hope your week has been great so far. What’s on your happy list? Be sure to share any balloon festivities with me!