Happy Wednesday!
I want to share with you the things that have made me happy this past week (5/16-5/22)

+ taking my last exam

+ the man in line in front of my at the post office giving a bag of apples to the workers

+ the shoes I splurged on arriving Ahhh!

+ telling the two women named Judy who interviewed me for an audit at work that the situation reminded me of Office Space when the Bob’s interviewed everyone and they didn’t get it

+ the exhilarating feeling of climbing on top of a leads nowhere staircase

+ wearing my No Homework pin all weekend

+ pretty ceilings in Hampden

+ Matt and my dad putting balloons and streamers on my car

+ the Totally Gross Sodas (make sure you read the label thoroughly)

+ new purchases from Michaels

+ getting to park next to my yarn bombing (and seeing it on Lovely Yarn’s site)

+ wearing a yellow mustache to Kasey’s goodbye lunch

+ making my gift card to Paper Source last an entire year

+ seeing Katie Sokoler’s Tampax ad and not only does it not sell anything out, it totally showcases her as a person

What made you happy this week?