It’s been a good week! I want to share some of the wonderful things that have happened in my life [5/23-5/29]

+ mistaking a pesticide worker for a pilot

+ red lipstick

+ making a master list of everyone’s birthdays

+ lots of color at the art festival in Baltimore *

+ getting support from you guys for the yarnbombing contest (vote now!)

+ Florence + the Machine

+ starting the gym and my red light therapy sessions (2012 goal list)

+ meeting Indiana Jones the puppy

+ getting Monica’s package

+ posting Spread The Love flyers *

+ signing up for Postcard Poets  and The Letter Project

+ Patty texting me a picture of a yarnbombed shopping cart she found in NYC

+ Bianca’s post about her bicycle homework

+ watching The Brothers Solomon and The Sarah Silverman Program

+ getting a license plate purse in the mail from an old friend *

+ new silver anchor earrings

+ official grades coming in and finally saying ‘I graduated

+ starting Mary Mail e-mails about my every day (let me know if you want to be on the list!)

+ the air conditioning finally working at home (on Sunday) and at work (yesterday)

+ seeing a Butoh performance *

* = more to come