Last week there was no Weekly Happiness post on Wednesday! You can be sure that the list for that week was full of vacation-y things that I’ve shared in my Utah posts. The happy things from the most recent week is what I want to share with you today. [6/20-6/26]

+ seeing Matt after a week of being away
+ free (Panera) lunch at work

+ fake OKCupid accounts

+ getting a manicure (and pedicure!) for the first time in over a year

+ my 24th birthday and installing another yarnbombing

+ being woken up with breakfast

+ free salad dressing gift at Olive Tree

+ painting a birdhouse at work with the members

+ lots of internet finds on mermaids

+ The Society Of Exploratory Research

+ stuffing envelopes

+ Sadie (Matt’s beagle) being adorable

+ inspiration from Keri Smith, Yayoi Kusama, and other things

+ watching Wanderlust

+ this nice post about the details in life

+ this girl

+ starting to use my Xyron machine to make everything into stickers
What’s been making you happy lately?? I want to know!