Here is a list of things that made me happy in the past week.
Celebrate the things that make you happy!


+ finding The Community Channel (youtube)

+ e-mailing with Michelle and immediately deciding I love her

+ watching fireworks with Matt from the car, playing Beach Boys Christmas songs, and simultaneously smelling the dumpster that I thought wouldn’t be a problem

+ no cavities (after skipping the dentist for 2 years)

+ installing another yarnbombing

+ seeing Sarah’s project from her summer sculpture class.. it’s knitting with metal wire!
+ Matt narrating “The Pebble And The Penguin” to me while I fell asleep

+ using the men’s bathroom at Wendy’s and as I exited a cop was going in.. he was so embarrassed because he thought he was going into the lady’s room but then I just started cackling and walked out

+ Spread The Love stickers and invitations for strangers

+ eating a humongous slice of pizza from Angelos on a me-date

+ Qdoba breakfast for the first time in a long time

+ the crazy killer episode of Boy Meets World

+ watching Tiny Furniture

+ coining the term ‘butt batting’ which is similar to batting your eyelashes

+ getting a new piece of furniture that is going to help with my organizational system

+ my sticker maker

+ this parrot piñata
What made you happy this week?