Here are the things that made me happy over this past week.

+ getting my new notebook that I’m going to write everything down in, Harriet The Spy Style
+ Annabel Lee Tavern, an Edgar Allen Poe themed bar
+ turning myself into a unicorn for an afternoon
+ knitting Bug a floppy bow tie 
+ sitting on top of  Federal Hill at night
+ this print
+ more than half off gelato
+ officially getting promoted at work
+ getting my July Birchbox with the theme of The Senses
+ seeing Moonrise Kingdom! and going to AFI Theater for the first time
+ making collages for CD covers
+ students turning their bodies into camera
+ the idea that Midnight In Paris was about…that we always view the past as the “golden age”
+ work field trips to Taco Bell
+ sitting in an unintentional triangle on the playground at night
+ seeing that my two most recent yarnbombings are still up
+ doing some projects I’d been putting off 12, & 3

What’s been making you happy this week?