Here are the things that have made me happy in the past week.
bare tents at carnival grounds

celebrating National Lollipop Day (by dipping my lollipop in alcohol)
Bug’s “yawns”
two new dresses from ASOS (1 of 2)
+ sequin patterned band aid
+ winning Julie’s giveaway
+ free happy hours with coworkers
+ The Book Thing
+ picking up my yarnbombing prize at Lovely Yarns
+ going to Artscape
+ The Darjeeling Limited, Mean Girls, & The League
+ passing notes at work
+ raspberry M&Ms
+ June’s Womanifesto
+ Jenn texting me that I was dressed whimsically in her dream because I was attending “starry dreams ultimate scavenger hunt”
+ seeing pretty things at Value Village
+ the idea of molding food into Lego shapes
+ being in Miki’s wonderful post about color

What made you happy this week?