Happy August!!
Make sure, if you haven’t yet, that you send me your Top Ten Things for July!
How are you going to kick off this Awesome August?
Here is my list of happiness from the last week of July.
view of DC from the Old Post Office Pavilion

Matt labeled one of Bug’s perches
twinkle lights under the words “post office”
bunting in the sky

+ seeing the balloons we set free float into the sky 
+ taking myself to lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen for a de-stress sesh
+ having the house all to myself
+ doing two more entries in Finish This Book
+ making gold paper plate shakers that are shaped like perogies
+ installing a disposable camera in the city (more tomorrow)
+ seeing a humongous turkey in my neighbor’s yard (happy and equally terrified)
+ Suzie telling me she read my letter twice
+ Monkey Munch from the Amish Market
+ getting a surge of inspiration and starting a project for Etsy
+ finding Gala Darling
+ drippy, drizzly, gorgeous grey rain
+ reading my friends’ happy lists for July