My happiness post wasn’t up when I went to work this morning, but that doesn’t make it any less happy! Speaking of happy.. make sure you participate in the HappyThon.Here are things that have made me happy this past week (since August started)…

Wiggle Your Toes Day (8/6)

dying white carnations, inspired my Color Me Katie
the idea of flying a kite, even though it didn’t work
starting my next yarnbombing project
tree boomerang
+ great responses to my disposable camera post
+ buying new stuff at Hobby Lobby with my birthday gift card
+ walking to the park by my house
+ making a fold/flip-over sheet (out of wallpaper) for my TV screen
+ Fantastia
+ S03E09 of Workaholics
+ mapping out August with goals and plans
+ dumping orange/goldish glitter on a pair of plain shoes
+ space age soda machine at Noodles and Company (diet root beer!)
+ reading Michelle’s lyrics
+ my new purse!
+ getting packages in the mail of things I’ve ordered online
+ making a yarn bowl
+ figuring out how to burn a DVD
+ Finish This Book


What’s made you happy this week?