I want to share some of the happy things that have happened to me in the past week

beautifully painted walls of Poncho & Pepe’s 

how the rainbow flowers looked pretty, even dead
honoring Nannie with purple sidewalk chalk hearts 
the cubbies with free literature outside of the Asian Market which inspired me
constant heat lightning, looked like a strobe light (couldn’t get a good picture)
+ belated birthday packages
+ buying myself goodies at AVAM’s gift shop
+ mailing a bunch of packages
+ really nice woman at Jake’s Steaks
+ everyone at work really loving S’mores Day
+ The Campaign
+ responding to a bunch of mail
+ inspired by Bunk for a snail mail game show
+ organizing my bookshelf
+ sidewalk chalk fun
+ chasing sunsets
+ car dancing
+ crafts
What made you happy this week?