Here are the things that made me happy in the past seven days

+ the most beautiful leaf/sign of Fall outside my house

+ leaving notes in books at Barnes and Noble
+ wearing this clay bracelet that my penpal made me.. it reminds me of Earth
+ getting a package in a teal pizza box
+ Bug learning how to use zippers
+ wearing a tutu for Tooth Fairy Day
+ seeing my favorite Baltimore bartender on America’s Got Talent
+ delicious burrito at Holy Frijoles with Jenn
+ both of my disposable cameras still being there when I went back
+ getting your sad winky face pictures*
+ sending a bunch of packages
+ watching Manos: The Hands Of Fate with Matt.. Mystery Science Theater style
+ new make-up at Ulta
+ fun things at work
+ new pajama pants from Old Navy
+ laughing to tears
+ putting up my fifth yarnbombing (more later!)
+ Waffle House breakfast
+ driving down unknown roads in the rain
+ painting a masquerade mask
+ finishing a bowl made out of yarn and glue
+ new idea for street art (and beginning to execute it)
+ discussions on mermaid showers
+ cutting out pictures of my friend dancing and sticking them to my wall
+ seeing a brand new baby Husky in Matt’s neighborhood

* I would love for you to e-mail me a picture of you winking and frowning simultaneously!!

What made you happy this week?