Here is a list of some of the things that made me happy this week.

+ bright yellow shoe installations

+ visiting fountains I played in as a kid

+ really awesome photo of Bug
+ colorful elementary schools
+ starting to eat healthy and Matt making us veggie tacos
+ making a decision to refocus my life
+ reading all of your Top Ten lists from August!
+ new sparkly blue shoes
+ getting to (and starting!) the next section of Finish This Book
+ installing three more yarnbombings
+ seeing that someone added to my yarnbombing!!
+ Trail Mix
+ getting an e-mail from someone who found on of my This Is For You notes for strangers
+ an awesome film/toy/kids camera from 1988 that works
+ listening to Krista’s mix CDs on my date with myself
+ this ridiculous submission to Found Magazine
+ looking at the film from my recent disposable cameras
+ putting all of the printed pictures into one book
+ starting a new project involving inspiration boards
+ cleaning out the trunk of my car..for the most part
+ this zip tie bomb
+ another new purse from ModCloth
+ painting my nails