Here’s a list of things that made me happy in the past week:
[9/5 – 9/12]

developing film from a finished disposable camera I found at the thrift store

beautiful clouds
Bug in a picnic basket fort
adding to a collaborative art project
beautiful stairwell at the park
throwing myself a party, complete with glowstick+ feeding ducks

+ drawing with
sidewalk chalk on a tree stump
+ losing 9 pounds
+ communicating with someone who left their number on one of my camera signs

Gangnam Style
buying myself balloons
+ discussing a potential trip to Canada
this post by Gala Darling
+ knitting a bunch

+ reading about
Allan Kaprow
+ a day full of street art / A Mary Date
+ seeing lots of stranger pups

+ finding a Found Magazine book at The Book Thing

+ compliments on my kermit green tights

+ Bug only eating the stars shaped cat treats

+ putting together a bunch of packages for no reason

+ the
Jafagirls reblogging me on Facebook

What made you happy this week?