Here are some of the things that have made me happy in the past week
+ playing Sorry at a bar in Edgewater with coworker-friends

+ getting a lot of packages in the mail,
including a cake postcard and a goody bag for Bug
+ this chair at the vet’s office
+ releasing a balloon in my front yard
+ Bug being really sleepy

+ getting contacted by people who find my notes on the street!
+ Janice imaging my knee as a cupcake when I told her I was icing it
+ finding fun knitting patterns
+ finally putting my iPod shaped sticky notes to use
+ sending out a bunch of packages
+ pink lemonade alcohol
+ getting positive feedback from the six word life story project I did at work
+ “Static” by Jukebox The Ghost
+ three awesome cat videos: one, two, three
+ installing my 11th yarnbombing project
+ leaving “top secret” cards around
+ finding out Candy Chang is coming to Baltimore next week
+ getting my toy vending machine in the mail
+ my knee feeling better
+ awesome images from magazines Matt gave me to cut up
What’s been making you happy this week?