Here are some of the things that made me happy this week

+ playing miniature golf with Matt

+ making mix CDs for my coworkers
in honor of One Hit Wonder Day (9/25)
+ Halloween stuff being in stores
+ and in packages in my mailbox!
+ wearing my cupcake ring 
+ people (and dog) watching by myself at a Farmers Market

+ getting mostly glitter and cat hair on my lint roller

+ another street art date with myself
+ oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie from Potbelly’s
+ Spectrum by Florence + The Machine
+ organizing my yarn supply
+ using My Fitness Pal to track food
+ official Fall solstice
+ starting on my Halloween plans and crafts
+ a Mexican crepe
+ my fourth roll of disposable camera film
+ planning for the upcoming week
+ getting a haircut
+ getting a big bag of colorful soccer sized balls for free because CVS was going to throw them out
+ making 75 of my plastic bubbles for the vending machine project
+ Due Date
+ learning how to play chess
+ writing a manifesto for myself
+ calling Bug “gub”
+ the “equipmunk” episode of The League

what’s been making you happy this week?