Only one week left till Halloween… and the end of October! How’s it going for you? I’ve honestly been feeling like I’m in a bit of a funk lately, but there’s still been happy stuff this week! Ready to share it with you.

+ Halloween decorations on my block

+ Burger people in Virginia
+ Matt drawing on my cup and Janice’s surprise toy (orange guy!)
+ using feathers in Life Appreciation class
+ Candace sending me some awesome charms to put into the vending machine installation
+ Autumn stickers from the thrift store
+ painting pumpkins
+ the episode with a baby pig on Boy Meets World
+ the Ba’Noodle Dub video
+ Suzie telling me she used to think it was “driver slicins”
+ getting $50 worth of yarn for $20 at The Knitting Boutique
+ The Chappelle Show
+ delicious fried crab wontons
+ doing The Color Run with Jenn
+ buying Blistex and it working immediately
+ eating at Busboys and Poets
+ the woman in Michaels who found the $80 I dropped (and gave it back!)
+ getting pep talks from friends in regards to my funk

Also, yesterday I accidentally texted “octopus breasth” and realized the typo could be read as either “breast” or “breath”, so naturally, I took a poll. The results: 2/3 of the people I  said they would assume I meant “breath”. Thank you for your participation in my absurdities.