It’s been a good start to December! Here are some of the things that made me happy this week.
+ tinsel at work


+ celebrating Cookie Day
+ awesome starts to my Christmas card display
+ patterned leggings
+ confetti from Laura
+ twinkle lights under the moon
+ random craving for orange soda
+ starting to plan for Fun A Day
+ finishing my What I Did In 2012 list
+ Festive Friday at work (to be implemented the rest of the month)
+ this post about a lovely lady wearing glitter in her shoes
+ reading Top Ten Things lists
+ doing the jingle bell yarnbombing plus one more
+ meeting Cop Car the cat (and him jumping on my shoulder like Bug does!)
+ getting a big package from Karen on a day I needed cheering up
+ making whimsy jars
+ mailing off two Christmas presents
+ finishing my Christmas cards
+ the smell of hoses and wet cement
+ Gala Darling’s December Activity Guide
+ unusually warm days (even though I know what it means)
+ shiny ribbon decorations and Santa head boppers at Dollar Tree
+ drawing names for Secret Santa at work
+ giraffe man doing random acts of kindness
+ my Black Friday purchase from Old Navy arriving

What made you happy this week?