We’re so close to the end of the year and the weeks are flying by. Here are some of the things that made me happy this past week.
+ bows and beads at the thrift store


+ happy hour with my coworkers at Yellow Fin
+ Festive Feet for Festive Friday
+ winning an Exceptional Employee award
+ pink tinsel
+ love notes from Matt
+ driving around my neighborhood to look at lights
+ me and Santa
+ receiving a mermaid to-be-carved stamp from Moan Lisa

+ the guy at Squisitos telling me my Italian was better than his English in a really strong Italian accent
+ getting free earrings with birds on them! (put a bird on it)
+ being nominated for Employee Of The Year
+ seeing Life of Pi and deciding to believe in the more miraculous story line
+ preparing for Secret Santa
+ getting a bunch of cards in the mail and adding them to my Christmas display
+ mailing out five present packages
+ people receiving their cards and packages and really liking them!
+ wearing my new black hoodie (so soft)
+ balling and beginning to use my yellow yarn from Canada
+ Sarah using her oversized cowl as a pretend potato sack and winning a race against herself to Cotton Eye Joe

What made you happy this week?