I hope everyone had a good day yesterday! It’s back to work today for me. It’s okay, though. I feel rejuvenated. Here are some of the things that made me happy in one of the last weeks of 2012.
+ sunset in DC


+ wearing elf shoes to work
+ gold decorative lamps that Michelle and I accidentally convinced a stranger were really special and important to photograph
+ gumball ring Matt got me
+ National Tree
+ Janice sending me a chocolate syringe from Vegas
+ Bug thinking the cat on the gift bag was real (and attacking it)
+ riding the Metro alone for the first time+ getting really fabulous presents from people who love me.. including the ring you see above. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about them in the near future
+ the member party at work
+ pivot dancing
+ happy hour at Stan and Joe’s with awesome coworkers
+ everyone liking their presents
+ getting a new planner at Daedalus
+ getting off work early twice
+ finishing knitting the giant hat
+ getting a back rub
+ the song “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn
+ seeing Michelle for the fourth time this year
+ discussing compost vs. landfill trash in a museum cafeteria
+ a beautiful space exhibit
+ kids dressing in matching superhero costumes
+ filling up my dresser (and moving onto my door!) with received Christmas cards
+ getting through Christmas and moving on towards the countdown till 2013
+ two new mix CDs
+ finding out what I would look like as an early human