Back into normal posting, I’d like to share some of the things that made me happy in the past week.
+ clearance tinsel


+ improvising for a new years tiara
+ raspberry zinger cake
+ this necklace
+ seeing Louis CK live!
+ meeting Weasley the cat
+ spending new years with Matt
+ the view from the parking garage

+ singing the Lion King soundtrack at work
+ Bug grabbing my foot and forcing me to nap for two hours
+ coworkers wanting to come to the Fun A Day opening in February
+ making a yarn spiderweb in Life Appreciation
+ mailing out my newsletter
+ getting off work early
+ doing more random acts of kindness for the 26 Acts project
+ curly hair
+ driving around Baltimore
+ preparing for projects
+ starting Fun A Day
+ doing a TON of laundry and re-discovering clothes
+ lunch at One World Cafe
+ trip to The Book Thing
+ sprouts
+ using my new planner
+ our seats at Louis CK being really close
+ making my own Grand Slam at Denny’s
+ watching the fireworks at midnight outside barefoot with Matt
+ reading end of the month top ten lists
+ buying a new calendar
+ using up my Target and Michaels gift cards already

What made you happy this week?