Happy Balloon Ascension Day! So maybe go on a hot air adventure, buy a bouquet, or draw the brightest balloon you’ve ever seen. Anyway, it’s also Wednesday, which means it’s time to share some of the things that made me happy in the past week.
+ pretty lights on Little Havana

+ glitter flower petals
+ sparkly outside at Speakeasy, the bar
+ flower shoes and frilly socks
+ being a part of the poster for Fun A Day
+ Bug is solid as a rock
+ keeping up with my planner 8 days into the new year
+ staying consistent with Fun A Day
+ listening to one hit wonders
+ knitting a lot, including covers for rocks and things Bug assumes are blankets
+ the shadows on one of the big churches in Mount Vernon at sunset
+ getting really close to finishing the 26 Acts of Kindness project
+ feeling like a rock star
+ finishing and mailing out top ten list packets
+ receiving (and sending) clear packages
+ singing really loudly in the car with Charlotte
+ doing a live installation that I called “Small Things Museum”
+ Gala’s great resolutions
+ awesome dogs walking around
+ Matt getting home from MAGFest
+ Bug stealing a ball of yarn, me chasing him, him getting flustered and dropping the ball, then laying on it instinctively to protect it
+ being in the city at some point every day
+ Karen blogging about the little package I sent her
+ lunch at Chipotle
+ Emergen-C making me feel better
What’s been making you happy this week?